Personalised Shagun Envelopes with Your Name

Using shagun envelopes is an important cultural practice during wedding celebrations across India. Giving a token amount is considered auspicious, and the amount may vary from a few hundred to thousands. Irrespective of this amount, there is always a one rupee coin included with the envelope which has an auspicious significance attached to it as everyone wants to be “number one” in their life’s milestones. Though shagun envelopes have undergone various transformations in terms of style and design, their intent remains the same. Memorys offer a wide range of personalised shagun envelopes and you may choose the style and design that matches your persona. You may look for customised shagun envelopes or shagun envelopes with a name to add a personal touch to it. In this article, we focus on bringing out their exact origin and what place they hold in the Indian society today.


The Origin of Shagun Envelopes

Although the exact day of their origin is undetermined, an abstract interpretation is that these were gifted to families who conducted their children’s wedding. It is a known fact that weddings in India have always been an expensive affair. As a result, the family’s income-bearer had to arrange for all wedding-related expenses including food, jewellery, decoration, and gifts. Therefore, the relatives and friends of the family used to share the expense in the form of cash gifted in a shagun envelope. Today, this trend has taken the form of a blessing that is offered to newlywed couples packed in personalised and designer shagun envelopes.


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The Significance of Gifting Shagun Envelopes

Shagun envelopes play a significant role in Indian weddings as almost everyone gives cash gifts to the newlywed couple as a blessing. Handing a cash note directly is considered impolite; however, gifting cash in a well-decorated and customised shagun envelope is an ancient custom as it covers the cash gift inside. Undoubtedly, these envelopes have taken over other gift options in the Indian community today. As Memorys tries to make your cash gift memorable with a vast variety of personalised shagun envelopes online, you can leave a lasting impact on the minds of your loved ones.


The Bottom Line

Shagun envelopes have been and always will remain an essential part of Indian celebrations. Instead of going with the standard designs, try Memorys’ personalised and designer shagun envelopes that are exclusively designed to reflect your style and personality. If you have any queries or need professional guidance in choosing your shagun envelope, register with us and we will get back to you. Alternatively, give us a missed call at +91-95515-15106 or talk to us on 1800-103-9194.