In India, the festive season brings immense joy, togetherness, delicious dishes, and expressions of love and appreciation. The occasion is characterized by a long tradition of sharing blessings with loved ones through various gestures and practices, such as touching the feet of elders and presenting gifts. One such gesture is offering shagun money in designer cash envelopes. If you are considering buying attractive shagun money envelopes, the sheer number of available options in terms of design, colour, and binding thread can be overwhelming. Continue reading as we discuss the ins and outs of designer cash envelopes.


Significance of Cash Envelopes in India

As stated earlier, offering shagun money is one of the best ways to share blessings with your loved ones on special occasions such as weddings, housewarming poojas for new property acquisitions, birthdays, and festivals like the Dussehra and the Diwali pooja. Shagun money is offered with an additional one rupee coin, which holds a special significance in Hindu traditions. The extra rupee is to make the total in odd numbers to make it indivisible, which adds to the auspice of the same. It is also believed that cash amounts ending with a 0 represent an ending, whereas, adding a rupee to the whole amount will make it end with 1 (Rs 501 and Rs 1101), which represents the beginning. That is why when buying designer cash envelopes, it helps to make sure they come with the coin attached.


Exploring the Different Types of Designer Cash Envelopes

With time, designer money envelopes have undergone a significant change from solid colours to gradients to current eccentric abstract designs that fit perfectly with various occasions. Some of the beautiful design options to consider are velveted fabric envelopes, wooden leafy envelopes, and gilded diamond envelopes. When it comes to buying designer shagun money envelopes, personalised envelopes are a great choice. Personalised shagun money envelopes can feature an image of the recipient, which adds a touch of relatability. Perosnalised cash envelopes can be customized with messages that you wish to convey, including best wishes for newlywed couples or someone having a birthday.


Tips to Make Shagun Envelopes Extra-Special

Offering shagun money envelopes is all about sharing blessings and expressing your love and affection. If you are looking to buy cash envelopes online, consider the following tips to make them extra special:


  • Choose envelopes according to the occasion, such as simple and plain designs for birthdays.
  • Get the envelopes personalised with family group or solo portrait images for special occasions, such as when performing pooja for a new home or congratulating someone on a new job.
  • Try different shapes, sizes, and designs such as the lord Krishna playing flute in close-up for festive purposes and a beige floral design pattern for lighter occasions.


Final Word

Shagun envelopes are an integral element of Indian weddings, festivals, and other auspicious occasions. When buying designer shagun envelopes, it is vital to have an appreciation of the significance of the occasion to choose the right design and colour tone. When looking for the best designer and personalised shagun cash envelopes online, look no further than the Memorys. We are your one-stop shop for a wide range of personalised gifts such as designer shagun envelopes, photo albums, and caricatures. Order shagun envelopes today or call +91-95515-15106 / 1800-103-9194 to get answers to all your questions. Alternatively, you can fill out our contact form.