Personalised Photo Frames

Birthdays are a special occasion in everyone’s lives and we all like to give memorable gifts to our loved ones on such special days. While we all like gifting on birthdays, deciding upon the perfect gift for our near and dear is often tedious. We, at Memorys, are here to your rescue. Our huge collection of personalised gifts including photo frames, photo albums, and notebooks, among others, make great gifts for your loved ones. Wondering how to take a normal photo frame and make it a cool birthday gift? Let us tell you how. Continue reading to find out four amazing birthday gift ideas with personalised photo frames.


1. A Beautiful Custom Photo Frame

Gone are the days of plain old photo frames in dull colours. Gift a fancy custom photo frame with a beautiful design and surprise your loved ones on their birthday. Browse through our extensive collection of colourful frames and pick a custom photo frame online. Pair the photo frame with a special photo that celebrates your bond with your loved one and put a smile on their face.


2. Wall Hanging Personalised Picture Frames

Combine several personalised picture frames and hang them by each other to create a cool looking photo wall. You can simply spice things up by hanging a couple of carefully picked personalised picture frames all over the wall. While a single personalised photo frame may not always cut it, hanging a collection of five or more personalised picture frames to make them appear as a cute collage can definitely help you take the gifting experience to the next level.


3. A Tree of Personalised Photo Frames

Create a huge tree with a number of personalised photo frames stuck on the wall to give your loved one a truly unexpected surprise. Although a photograph tree may require you to invest more time in arranging the frames around the design of a tree, it also gives you the freedom to experiment with different photo frame designs. You can, for example, create a tree with pictures by pasting photographs from memorable incidents in the past.


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4. Personalised Photo Frames of Movie Posters

Everybody has a favourite movie, TV show or music album that they hold close to their heart. All you have to do is obtain a poster or capture a favourite scene from the film your special ones love and order a personalised photo frame. You can also experiment the same with TV show posters as well as the album covers of their favourite music band. Gifting personalised photo frames of movie posters, album covers, and other artwork will add a special personal touch to birthday gifts.


The Last Word

Gift-giving is a wonderful gesture to express your love to your near and dear. While birthdays fall on the same dates every year, your birthday gift doesn’t have to be the same. Borrow our ideas and take inspiration to give a unique and touching gift to your loved ones. Memorys bring you a huge collection of personalised gifts online such as photo frames, photo albums, notebooks, and diaries. Explore our collection and give your loved ones a personalised gift they will cherish.