4 Must Know Ideas for a Contemporary Wedding Photo Book

A wedding photo album presents you with a great way to relive the magical event and even share with friends and family. Memorys offers a wide range of beautiful personalised photo frames and photo albums online from which you can choose your wedding photo album. You need to choose all your favorite photos and present them in a way that tells a story. In this blog, we share some useful ideas for a contemporary wedding photo album.


1. Pick Photos You Can’t Live Without

The first thing you want to do is choose photos that are worthy of immortalising your wedding. You need to go for those that will still be interesting decades from now. Take your time and go through your shortlist a few times in different sittings to make sure that you have gotten everything right.


2. Choose a Fitting Photo Album Design

The best photo album design is one that features a cover that will stand the test of time. Memorys offers a range of designs from which to choose. You can create a personalised photo album online in a few easy steps by getting it embossed with your preferred title. Some of the design options that you can consider include Ti Amo photo album, Je T’aime photo album, and Treasuring Memories photo album.


3. Tell a Story with the Arrangement

As the old adage goes, “A picture tells a thousand words”. Make sure you present the photos in a way that tells the story of your wedding right from the start to the end. Make sure you have a blend of formal and candid photos to bring out the true optics and emotions associated with the event.


4. Avoid Monotony

Pages in the personalised photo album must not be the same in terms of picture size and orientation. Go for enlarged photos if they showcase breathtaking moments during the wedding. This helps keep the personalised photo album interesting.


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